Find a Sonoma County Real Estate Broker You Can Trust

You'll want to start searching for a Sonoma County broker as soon as you decide to buy a home. Talk to several and find someone you think you'll be comfortable working closely with. Many of your friends and relatives have probably bought and sold their Sonoma County homes through brokers. Ask them who they used and what their experiences were.

You can find out which California brokers specialize in the kind of home or the area you want, like Sebastopol, by looking in the Yellow Pages or your local newspaper's classified real estate ads. Or drive through the Sebastopol and Sonoma County neighborhoods and note the names of brokers on "for sale" signs. When you talk to prospective Wine Country brokers, ask questions about the areas and types of homes in which you're interested. Do they seem knowledgeable? Most important, is their personal style a good fit with your own?