Sebastopol, Sonoma County, California
Gateway to the Apple Pie and Wine Country

Situated amidst a landscape of apple orchards, vineyards, forests, and meadows, Sebastopol offers a "farm fresh" and "family friendly" atmosphere to locals and visitors alike. Add to this mix a mild climate, a thriving agricultural community, unlimited recreational activities and an eclectic array of the arts. The result is a spirited, generous community with a progressive eye on the future.

Visitors from everywhere come to Sebastopol to enjoy wonderful outdoor adventures in wholesome recreational areas as well as cultural events and activities making Sebastopol a combination of small town charm with big city sophistication.

"Sebastopol loves company". As visitors explore the richness of Sebastopol and its surrounding area, they will discover the spectacular countryside scenery and its friendly, hospitable residents along the way.

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